Start Asia Xi: Space common wealth of humanity

Xi: Space common wealth of humanity


President Xi Jinping has sent congratulatory letters to the Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation (APSCO) organization, which held its 10th anniversary conference.

Xi said that space is the common wealth of humanity and that it is mankind’s quest to peacefully explore, develop and use space.

China calls for joint efforts by nations around the world to build a destiny community for humanity and enhance international exchange and cooperation in space based on equality, mutual benefit, peaceful use and inclusive development, Xi said.

China has consistently advocated the rational development and use of space resources and the protection of the space environment in order to benefit the entire human race from the space industry.

Xi pointed out that APSCO and its members play an active role in promoting close cooperation in areas such as space exploration, the development and application of space technology.

China will continue to actively support APSCO and, in a spirit of consultation and cooperation to achieve shared benefits, promote the advancement of space and economic and social development, as well as contribute wisdom and efforts to a better world, Xi said.