Start Asia What happened before Japan?

What happened before Japan?


Off Japan’s coast, a fighter jet and a US Air Force tanker collided. At least one crew member has survived, others are searched.

Rescue workers were looking for six out of a total of seven crew members, said Marines at Camp Butler, Okinawa, Japan on Thursday. A soldier was apparently rescued: the armed forces said he was under investigation. Involved were an F18 fighter jet and a tanker of the type KC-130 Hercules. This is reported by the USA.

What happened before Japan?

The announcement left open whether the two aircraft might collide in a refueling. „The circumstances of the accident are currently under investigation,“ it said only.

The two aircraft were launched from the base Iwakuni and had completed regular training flights when it came to Thursday at 2.00 clock at night (local time) about 200 kilometers off the coast to the accident.