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What brings a new trucker law?


Bad pay, no real bed or shower, but weeks long trips without home leave? This should be the end for truck drivers in the EU. The EU states want to better protect truck drivers from exploitation and wage dumping. The EU transport ministers have agreed after tough negotiations. However, the legislative package still requires the Member States to negotiate with the European Parliament.

Equal pay for equal work in the same place

The most important point: Equal pay should apply for equal work in the same place. From 2024, border crossings and the locations of truck loading will be automatically monitored with a so-called intelligent tachograph, ten years earlier than previously planned.

The weekly rest periods should no longer spend the truck drivers in their driver’s cabs, but for example in the hotel. After a normal nine- to ten-hour shift, however, drivers are allowed to stay overnight in their cabins.

In addition, a core weekly working time of five days should apply. In addition, drivers should have the right to return home at least every four weeks. Special exceptions will continue to exist.