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Well, is something noticeable?

Free-Photos / Pixabay

As a road user, who cycles more often than by car, measures to promote cycling are generally sympathetic. If that happens with a sense of proportion and not with the crowbar. The latter can be observed more often, for example, when tracks are marked for cyclists, where there is no room. In our hometown commuter hell, it is currently in vogue to narrow traffic lanes to two with one lane, to lend a hand to cycle paths.

Politicians and planners may appreciate what they are doing by doing the following experiment in the bathroom at home. Phase I: fill the tub, pull the plugs, watch. Phase II: Clog half drain. Phase III: Fill the tub again, pull the plugs, look. Well, is something noticeable?

Even more traffic jam is not a convincing solution for air pollution control. Scarce room to continue to scarce, beknackt at what we would be at the news pearl of the week: next court decision on diesel driving ban, this time eating, including a piece of highway. That’s how it’s been for weeks. One city after another is being conquered by the NOx forces of „Umwelthilfe“. And nobody pulls the plug. All the more ridiculous is the confused pollutant limit tuning of the federal government.

But we all want to breathe it – less nitric oxide, emit less CO2, save the climate. We could start with it, today! Sunday excursion without a car – schwupps, climate goal achieved. Because an engine that does not work is the cleanest of them all. Rethink the next flight, skip heavy oil cruise, slow parcel service craze, do not stare at your cell phone every few seconds, save energy. Let automakers sit on their SUV, order economical cars. But, alas, it’s not so important with climate protection.