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Weickert wins CDU duel in Leipzig-West


Michael Weickert (29) will compete in the state election next year as a direct candidate in constituency 30 (Leipzig-West). In a fight vote, he sat down on Saturday morning with 18:17 votes just against Cornelia Blattner (54) by.
Michael Weickert has narrowly prevailed at the CDU nomination event for the state elections next year against Cornelia Blattner. The 29-year-old teacher student attained 18 out of 35 valid votes, the 54-year graduate economist came only 17 votes. Thus, Weickert can compete in the constituency 30 (Altlindenau, Böhlitz-Ehrenberg, Leutzsch, Lindenau, Lützschena-Stahmeln, Neulindenau, Plagwitz and Schleußig).

The tight vote was preceded by a passionate debate among the members. It was also about the question of whether the CDU Leipzig in one of the electoral districts should not also set up a woman as a direct candidate. However, Weickert scored points with clear and clear positions and a rhetorically strong performance. He wanted to start the election campaign immediately, he explained.

In the other constituencies for which the direct candidates were elected in the morning, there were no opposing candidates.

In constituency 27 (Anger-Crottendorf, Althen-Kleinpösna, Baalsdorf, Engelsdorf, Heiterblick, Holzhausen, Mölkau, Seller-Stuenz and Stötteritz) was elected Ronald Pohle (58) with 32 in favor and ten votes against as a direct candidate.

In constituency 28 (Probstheida, Connewitz, Dölitz-Dösen, Liebertwolkwitz, Lößnig, Marienbrunn, Meusdorf and Südvorstadt) occurs Karsten Albrecht (53). He reached eight out of nine valid votes.

In constituency 29 (Großzschocher, Burghausen-Rückmarsdorf, Grünau-Mitte, Gruenau-Nord, Grünau-Ost, Grunau settlement, Hartmannsdorf-Knautnaundorf, Kleinzschocher, Knautkleeberg-Knauthain, Lausen-Grünau, Miltitz and Schönau) was Andreas Nowak (43) elected direct candidate with 100 percent of the votes.

Direct candidate for constituency 31 (Reudnitz-Thonberg, Center, Center-North, Center-Northwest, Center-East, Center-South, Center-southeast and center-west), 32 (Eutritzsch, Gohlis-Mitte, Gohlis-Nord, gohlis-south, Lindenthal, Moeckern and truth) and 33 (Mockau-Nord, Mockau-South, Neustadt-Neuschönefeld, Plaußig-Portitz, SchönefeldWaltersdorf Abtnaundorf, SchönefeldWaltersdorf East, Seehausen, Thekla, Volkmarsdorf and Wiederitzsch) can be selected in the afternoon. Here Robert Clemen (51) arrives in constituency 31; according to LVZ information, he meets a counter-candidate. In constituency 32 is Wolf-Dietrich Rost (65), in constituency 33 Holger Gasse (49).