Start Europe Verlag experiments with mini books to read sideways

Verlag experiments with mini books to read sideways

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In search of innovations in the book market, English publishing houses are currently experimenting with a new book format: the „Flipback“ books. These are very small books with extremely thin pages, which are not upright, but read sideways and scrolled horizontally. This type of book is known mainly in the Netherlands – there are the popular „Flipback“ books Dwarsliggers.As the „New York Times“ reported yesterday, the publishing group Penguin Random House under the brand „Penguin Mini“ now has a box set with four books of the US writer John Greene („The fate is a lousy traitor“) in the „Flipback“ – Format brought out. The company is confident that the box will be published in an edition of 500,000 copies. In spring, more children’s books will appear to be read when the format arrives.
Books for the generation smartphone

The publishers are aiming primarily at young readers who have grown up with smartphones and the Internet. „Young people are still learning how they like to read. The books move closer to a smartphone than regular books, but they are much more similar to a book than a smartphone. The problem with reading on a smartphone is that it can do so many other things. “

Already in 2011 several publishing houses in Europe had tried their luck with „Flipback“ books. Also on the German book market publications have already been published, but the format could not really prevail. Several publishers distribute miniature editions of their books – but these still need to be read in the traditional way.