Start News USA: retaliatory attacks in Iraq

USA: retaliatory attacks in Iraq

WikiImages / Pixabay

After the deaths of two US citizens and one British woman from rocket fire in Iraq, the US Army fled retaliation attacks today. Arms stores of a pro-Iranian Shiite militia were attacked in different parts of the country, as the Pentagon said in Washington.

According to the Iraqi army, five members of the Iraqi security forces and one civilian were killed. Baghdad ordered the British and US ambassadors.

The Pentagon said the attacks were a „direct response“ to the threat posed by Tehran-allied Shiite militias to the US armed forces and their allies. A US military official told AFP that the attacks also targeted drone camps.

Iraqi security circles have reported that five heavy rockets hit the Jurf al-Sachr area, controlled by the pro-Iranian Kataib-Hezbollah militia, south of the capital Baghdad. Iraqi army officials say three soldiers, two police officers and a cook were killed in the US attack.