Start America US security forces fired tear gas at the Mexican side

US security forces fired tear gas at the Mexican side


After US border guards fired tear gas at Central American migrants, the Mexican Foreign Ministry is requesting an investigation into the incident. US President Trump defended the actions of the officials.

Following the use of tear gas by US officials against Central American migrants at the border, Mexico is now calling for US intelligence. It is expected that the US will thoroughly investigate the use of „non-lethal weapons“ in the direction of Mexico, the Mexican Foreign Ministry said in a diplomatic note to the US Embassy in Mexico City.

On Sunday, hundreds of migrants in the Mexican border town of Tijuana tried to illegally cross the border with the US. The Mexican police tried in vain to stop them.

About 50 people climbed on a tin wall, which is still on Mexican territory in front of the US border wall. US security forces fired tear gas at the Mexican side. The US authorities closed the transition for several hours.

Trump defends border guards

Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump defended the crackdown on US security officials. It will not tolerate attacks on border guards or tolerate attempts to destroy government property, Trump said at a Mississippi campaign.

Former US governments defended the borders of other countries, but not their own. That is different now. „We send a clear message to the caravan and the invaders:“ Turn around, go back home. “

Trump also defended the use of tear gas by the border guards. „They had to use it because some very tough people harassed them, and they used tear gas,“ Trump told reporters. „And here’s the point: no one comes to our country, unless they get in legally.“

Women and children „own fault“

At a panel discussion in the state of Mississippi, Trump hinted that women were among the migrants themselves, that they and their children were exposed to tear gas. He wondered why mothers had put themselves and their children in danger. „You really have to say, why does a parent run into an area that they know is developing tear gas and being educated and running away with a child?“

Without presenting any evidence, the President also claimed that some migrants were not the parents of the children concerned. Rather, it is people who „grab“ a child so that they have a better perspective on asylum in the US.

Mexico wants to continue engagement

Mexico announced that it would deport the migrants involved in the disturbances to their home countries. The Latin American government also reaffirmed its commitment to protect human rights and the safety of migrants at all times.

The people come from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala and have fled violence and poverty. They are hoping for asylum in the US.