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US sanctions: Iran wants more support from Europe

RonnyK / Pixabay

Iran is calling for more support from Europe for US-imposed sanctions. The targeted special purpose vehicle to circumvent the punitive measures is „an interesting process,“ said Deputy Foreign Minister Mohammed Kasem Sajadpur today. „But there is a lack of speed and efficiency.“
Vice-President Eschak Jahangiri said at the same time, according to a report by the Tasnim news agency, that Iran has so far been able to sell enough oil to meet its needs despite the pressure of the Americans.

Sharp criticism of the US came from Turkey and Russia. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that the aim of the punitive measures is to bring the world out of balance. „We will absolutely not comply with such sanctions.“ Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said the punitive measures were unlawful.

Unilateral termination of atomic deal

The US sanctions provide for the reinstatement and partial tightening of punitive measures suspended as part of the nuclear agreement with Iran in 2015. The US government has unilaterally terminated the agreement and intends to use Iran’s sanctions to renegotiate a much stricter agreement on its nuclear and missile program.

The European Union, Germany, France and the United Kingdom, which had signed the nuclear program, reject the new sanctions. You have stated that you want to continue to make legitimate business with the Islamic Republic possible for European companies. According to diplomats, however, the targeted special purpose vehicle should be fully operational at the earliest beginning of next year.

Large corporations stopped activity

Deputy Foreign Minister Sajadpur said that small and medium-sized European companies are still active in Iran „without making any noise“. Corporations like Allianz and Siemens from Germany, Total and PSA from France and A.P. However, Denmark’s Moller-Maersk have already stopped or shut down their activities in Iran to avoid violating US sanctions.