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US President Trump has escalated the rhetoric against migrants in Mexico to another level: If they throw stones at the border, the border guards should react as if they were firearms.

In a Missouri election campaign, US President Donald Trump has further tightened his threats against migrants at the US border. „I tell you – if anyone throws stones or chunks, as they did in Mexico with the Mexican military, the Mexican police, where they have seriously injured police and soldiers – we will consider that firearms,“ the Politico news page quoted him , Earlier this week, a Hondurans died in clashes with police in Mexico.

Trump reiterated that he would prevent the approximately 4,000 Central American migrants who are currently en route to the United States from entering the country. They were supposed to be set up in tent cities on the border – but parents and children would not be separated, as the US government had held for a while on the Mexican border.

Before the Midterm elections next Tuesday, the US President has chosen immigration as the only campaign issue and is aggressively against migrants. Every day he raises new demands or announces measures – as the day before the deployment of up to 15,000 US soldiers to the border with Mexico.

In front of supporters in Missouri, he now railed against alleged „birth tourism“ of migrant women, who wanted to give their child the US citizenship by: They would bring „ridicule“ about the immigration laws of the country. Previously, he had proposed plans to restrict the constitutional birthright that gives every American-born person the right to a US passport.

Trump also announced that he would sign an executive order that would limit the possibility of seeking asylum to official entry points. Under existing US law, all foreigners in the US can apply for asylum, regardless of how they entered the country.