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US President Trump does not like the recent crisis between Russia and Ukraine

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Now he expresses an idea that has to do with the German Chancellor. According to a media report, US President Donald Trump has stated that Chancellor Angela Merkel is joining the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The „New York Post“ published excerpts of an interview with the president in which Trump criticized the recent incident in the Sea of ​​Azov.

„We’ll see, we’ll find out what happened, I did not like the incident, and we get a report on what happened,“ the newspaper quotes the US president.

He then added, „Angela, let’s involve Angela!“ Trump also said that he wanted to include France in addition to Merkel – but left open what the two governments should do exactly.

Merkel has already phoned Putin and Poroshenko

What Trump apparently did not consider: Merkel has already been involved in the conflict and phoned on Monday, first with the Ukrainian leader Petro Poroshenko and then with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

On Sunday, the Russian Coast Guard had denied Ukrainian military ships the passage through the Straits of Kerch off the peninsula of Crimea annexed by Russia and rammed a ship. The three Ukrainian ships were raised. It also shot. 24 sailors were arrested.

Since then, Moscow and Kiev have been accusing each other of being responsible for the escalation. Putin said at a conference on Wednesday that Poroshenko is taking advantage of the conflict to better shape himself ahead of the upcoming elections in Ukraine next spring. „He had to do anything to make the situation worse,“ the BBC quoted in Putin’s speech (for more on how both presidents use the situation for their purposes, read here).

Trump has questioned a meeting between him and Putin over the tensions between Moscow and Kiev. An official rejection of the meeting at the G20 summit by the US government at the end of the week did not exist so far. The summit also includes a meeting between Trump and Merkel.

That is how the EU reacts

The EU is concerned about recent developments between Russia and Ukraine. There was a „dangerous increase“ in tensions, said EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini on behalf of the 28 EU states Wednesday night. The use of force by Russia and the increasing militarization in the region around the strait of Kerch are „unacceptable“.

Russia had to let all ships pass unhindered through the straits near the Crimea, it said. In addition, the detained ships and their crew would have to be released immediately.

However, new sanctions against Russia, such as those brought into play by the Austrian EU Council Presidency, were not announced. The statement merely states that the European Union will continue to monitor the situation and is „determined to act in close coordination with its international partners“.