Start America Trump does not give up

Trump does not give up


The mayor of the Mexican border town of Tijuana has declared a state of emergency because of thousands of migrants from Central America. He asked the UN for help in dealing with the crowds of people stranded in Tijuana, said Mayor Juan Manuel Gastélum.

He said he would not spend any money to care for the migrants, Gastélum said. At the same time, he reproached Mexico’s government for lack of support.

The latest estimate is that 5,000 Central American migrants arrived in Tijuana. Many had set out in a so-called caravan in mid-October from Honduras with the aim of USA.

In Tijuana, south of California, they have to expect to be out for months before they have a vague chance of seeking asylum in the US. For some residents of the city, therefore, the nerves are blank, most recently there were protests against migrants.

US President Donald Trump does not want to let the migrants into the country. Among them are criminals, gang members and even terrorists, said Trump.

Most recently, Trump threatened to close the southern border with Mexico if his government had the impression that the neighbor was not in control of the situation. By decree Trump tries to enforce that illegally entering the southern border people should no longer apply for asylum. A federal judge stopped the order for the time being.