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US Midterms: In Florida threatens recounting

andrewbecks / Pixabay

After the US elections on 6 November, there is a tangible dispute over the outcome of two important ballots in the US state of Florida. In the race for the governorship as well as a Senate seat re-counting, because the applicants are extremely close together.

In the Senate elections, after receiving more results, Republican candidate Rick Scott was down 0.22 points or just over 17,000 votes ahead of his Democratic adversary and incumbent Bill Nelson.

The electoral laws provide for a manual manual recounting if the result makes a difference of less than 0.25 percentage points. Such a manual count could take weeks. A machine recount is provided if two candidates are less than 0.5 points apart. This could be the case for the governors post race, where Republican Ron DeSantis and Democrat Andrew Gillum are just 0.47 points apart.

Trump: „Florida has chosen Rick Scott“

In the Senate elections stand next to Florida nor the results of Arizona and Mississippi. Even without these three US states, the Republicans already have a majority of 51 of the 100 seats for sure. Regardless of the tight race, US President Donald Trump’s „Florida has chosen Rick Scott“ has already convinced him that the election of Trump, who was already „particularly important“ during the election, is still going strong.

Trump also suspected of irregularities. „Law enforcement officials are facing another big corruption scandal related to electoral fraud in Broward and Palm Beach,“ Trump wrote on Twitter without giving details.