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US charges of Malaysian corruption scandal

terimakasih0 / Pixabay

The US judiciary has been involved in the criminal investigation of the far-reaching corruption scandal in Malaysia. An earlier employee of the Malaysian sovereign wealth fund 1MDB and a former Goldman Sachs banker were charged with charges, as the Department of Justice in Washington today announced.

The corruption scandal has shaken the Southeast Asian country for months, mainly because of the alleged involvement of former head of government Najib Razak. Razak, who was voted out of office in May, is under indictment. He and other former government employees are accused of having diverted from the 1MDB fund converted 1.4 billion euros for their own purposes.

The now-accused by the US Justice ex-MDB staff is according to the Ministry, according to the escape. The accused banker was detained in Malaysia. Another former employee of the US investment bank Goldman Sachs pleaded guilty in the corruption scandal and agreed to the payment of 43.7 million dollars (38.6 million euros), as the Ministry of Justice announced.