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Ukrainians are protesting again on the Maidan


The opening of a fast-food restaurant in a building symbolically important to the pro-Maidan movement in Kiev has sparked protests on Thursday. A branch of the poultry chain Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) opened its doors on Wednesday – the same day Ukraine was the scene of the beginning of mass protests against the pro-Russian government five years ago. The building had served as a headquarters and temporary hospital for the demonstrators.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkine stood behind the protesters: „I understand the emotions of the activists very well“ after „the opening of a restaurant for fried chicken in the headquarters of the revolution,“ he wrote on Thursday in the online network Facebook.

„We are closed provisionally, at least until Monday“

On Wednesday evening, right-wing extremists had demonstrated in front of the restaurant. According to police, six of them were arrested. On Thursday, the protests widened, social media sentiment against KFC: „How can you open your restaurant in a place where people have died fighting for a free Ukraine?“ Wrote one user.