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Tyrolean consumer climate index good values


A few years ago, the mood in the population was still significantly worse than the then not exactly intoxicating economic data – before in the previous year and this year, both the real numbers and especially the mood have turned to an absolute high. This spring, the consumer survey conducted by the Economic Chamber, the Association for Applied Economic Research (GAW) and the TT showed absolute record values ​​in terms of economic and consumer sentiment.

„The trees do not grow any further in the sky. The mood is still very optimistic, but the peak of the boom is exceeded, „summarize chamber chief economist Stefan Garbislander and GAW study author Stefan Jenewein the results together.

Specifically, 16 percent rate the current economic situation as very good and another 60 percent as good. On average it is for 22 and bad for only 2 percent. The men are much more optimistic (86 percent see a very good or good economic situation) than the women with „only“ 66 percent approval.

With a further improvement of the economic situation in the next twelve months expect 21 (after last after all 35) of the respondents, while 8 (after 4) per cent fear a worsening. In the labor market, where Tyrol still has the best development in all federal states, 30 (according to 43) percent believe in a further decline in unemployment next year, 21 (after 17) percent expect more unemployed.

81 percent are satisfied with their own financial situation (24 percent very and 57 percent rather satisfied). Rather unsatisfied or not at all satisfied are together 18 percent, including but a third of under-35s. In the next twelve months, 19 percent of respondents expect an improvement and 13 percent a worsening of the financial situation of their household.

In consumer decisions, the Tyroleans are currently apparently in Christmas mood. As many as 43 percent say they want to make purchases in the medium price range between 300 and 700 euros (such as ski equipment, tablet or TV set) these days, 11 percent would like to do so in the next few months, while 26 percent do not want this or not Purchases must be postponed. For larger purchases (such as furniture, kitchen, car, etc.) see 22 percent now a favorable and 9 percent an unfavorable time.

The relative majority of 48 percent of those surveyed expect further manageable price jumps of 1 to 2 percent, but already 30 percent fear an inflation of up to 3 percent and 7 percent even more massive inflation. One way to save money is seen by 74 percent of the population, while 26 percent say no.

All in all, the Tyrolean consumer climate index compiled from all these factors has slipped back slightly below the recent high of 17 with a positive balance of 13.