Start United States Trump’s impeachment: Bolton wants to testify before the Senate

Trump’s impeachment: Bolton wants to testify before the Senate

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Donald Trump’s former National Security Advisor John Bolton has agreed to testify before the Senate in impeachment proceedings against the US President. Bolton said yesterday that if the Senate threatened to testify, he would do so.

Because of his prominent position at that time and direct access to the president, Bolton is considered a key witness to solving the Ukraine affair. However, due to legal concerns, he had refused at the end of last year to comply with the demands of the Democrats and to testify in front of the House of Representatives.

Republican Senate Majority

Democrats accuse Trump of urging the Ukrainian leadership to investigate rival Joe Biden to influence the November election. They see it as proven that Trump has made dependent on the announcement of such investigations, among other things, the release of military aid for Ukraine.

The House of Representatives had decided on two charges against Trump with the majority of Democrats before Christmas. This will soon lead to impeachment proceedings in the Senate, in which Trumps Republicans, however, have the majority.