Start America Trump’s daughter Ivanka: Unlike Clinton, she did not delete emails

Trump’s daughter Ivanka: Unlike Clinton, she did not delete emails


Ivanka Trump, the US President’s daughter and advisor, has defended her controversial use of a private e-mail account for government affairs. Her case is not similar to the email affair surrounding former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, she said in an interview with ABC News.

In the 2016 presidential election campaign, Donald Trump had attacked his Clinton counterparty for their use of a private e-mail server for service purposes. He called her „fraudulent Hillary“ and said she was in jail. The result was the „Lock up!“ Calls Trump supporters made to see Clinton behind bars.

Trump’s daughter Ivanka now said, „Lock up!“ – Demands would not apply in her case. Unlike Clinton, she did not delete emails. All emails relevant to government affairs have been forwarded to the White House account. Your e-mails would be there on the server, and nothing would be of any importance, nothing that is subject to secrecy.

Even before the interview, Ivanka Trump had confirmed that she had used her private account for her adviser position in the White House. But it was almost always „logistics and scheduling around their family gone,“ said a spokeswoman for her lawyer. In addition, this was done before she was informed about the rules for handling e-mails.

Earlier, the Washington Post reported that Ivanka Trump sent hundreds of official government news articles from a private mail account last year. Thus, according to the newspaper, it has repeatedly violated regulations regarding the handling of public records.