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What a press conference in the White House: First a winner’s show, then surprisingly conciliatory tones from the US President to the political opponent – and finally a true eulogy!

Donald Trump faced reporters the day after the US midterm elections. The Republicans had clearly lost the House of Representatives to the Democrats, but in the Senate his party could extend the lead.

The US President on the outcome of the Midterms: „That was a great day yesterday, an extraordinary day. Last night, the Republican Party made history and exceeded expectations in this interim election year. “

At 17:57 German time, Trump came to the podium, the reporter he had previously wait almost 30 minutes. For exactly one hour and 27 minutes, Trump answered questions – at least for the questions he was looking for …

The US President at the beginning of his speech: Despite all the resistance he clearly with the „hostile media coverage“ and the financial inferiority to the Democrats clearly stated. „The topics we campaigned with were very successful.“ The Republicans would probably get at least three seats in the Senate. That had been impossible since the days of John F. Kennedy, no US president in his first interim elections. Trump pointed out that Barack Obama lost six Senate seats on the same occasion.

He shook hands with the Democrats: „I look forward to working with Nancy Pelosi.“ Pelosi is the strongwoman of the Democrats in the House of Representatives and is now likely to become the majority leader. „I would like us to work together – I see good chances.“ In the election campaign Trump had attacked the faction leader, however, still hard.

At the same time he warned the opposition against any possible investigation against him: „You can play the game – but we can do better.“ And who he meant by „us“, the US President specified: „I think I can play the game better than anyone else. “

And he made it clear where he sees no chance of a „deal“: his plan of a border wall to Mexico. „We need the wall. We will fight for it. „Exciting: Trump wants to go back into the race with his Vice Mike Pence at the next presidential election in 2020. Pence had already agreed to this proposal.

„You are a terrible person“

After Trump had completed his statement, questions were allowed. It came to a scandal with CNN reporter reporter Jim Acosta, who wanted to ask a question about the Russia investigation. Trump did not allow the question: „You are a terrible person, CNN should be ashamed to deal with you. If you spread fake news, as CNN does, you are an enemy of the people. “

Trump and Acosta – the duel on the open stage had a prehistory: Almost two years ago, the two had clashed in New York, even before Trump’s inauguration. The reason back then: Trump did not like Acosta’s questions …

Following the CNN scandal, Trump told another reporter that he too was „not a fan“. Later, the US president said that he would like to temper his tone. „But if wrong things about me are reported in the media, that’s not fair. And if you are not treated fairly, then you have to fight. “
Foreign policy exciting: Trump was extremely satisfied with his North Korea policy and announced a new Kim summit in 2019. „There are no more missiles, the great heroes of the Korean War are coming home, the prisoners have been released. No one has done that before, what I’ve done. I will meet Kim Jong-un sometime next year. “

Trump relies on the Democrats

On Twitter, before the press conference, the president ranted against the new Democratic majority: they should not exploit their new power against him. The election result is a „tremendous success“ for Trump. And also the media scolds gets its place on Trump on Twitter: „To all these experts or TV moderators, who do not credit us with the due merit in these great Midterm elections, do not forget two words: Fake News!“

Trump now relies a bit on the Democrats in his work. You could permanently engage Trump and his key employees with unpleasant tasks. It is also possible that investigations for Trump could bring unpleasant results to light. That could make governance more difficult.

The Democrats conquered around 30 previously occupied by Republicans mandates in the House of Representatives and there now comes to 229 seats, according to the recent extrapolation of the „New York Times“. The Democrats were able to score especially in white women from suburban constituencies in embattled states such as Pennsylvania.

In the second chamber of parliament, the Republicans were able to assert their majority. According to the New York Times, Trump’s party even increased the Senate’s majority (100 seats) from 51 to 53 seats. So far, however, not all results of the congressional elections are available.