Start America Trump wants to make Heather Nauert, new Ambassador to the United Nations

Trump wants to make Heather Nauert, new Ambassador to the United Nations


According to media reports, US President Donald Trump wants to make the current Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Heather Nauert, new Ambassador to the United Nations. Trump will nominate the former Fox News journalist on Friday as the successor of outgoing UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, several media reported on Thursday. The Senate would still have to agree with the staff.

Nauert was one of the most famous faces of Fox News‘ cable news channel, which has since become Trump’s home channel. Together with colleagues, she presented, among other things, the popular but because of his one-sided political coloring controversial breakfast format „Fox & Friends“.

Under Foreign Minister Rex Tillerson Nauert moved in April 2017 as a spokeswoman for the Foreign Ministry and took advantage of the vacuum there to an almost meteoric rise to top diplomat. As secretary of state, the mother of two sons now sits at the table in important international negotiations. From March to October 2018 she was Acting State Secretary for Public Affairs. However, her diplomatic experience is limited to one and a half years. She is considered highly loyal to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and to Trump.

Predecessor Nikki Haley came back in October surprisingly
The 48-year-old holds a journalism diploma from Columbia University in New York. She initially worked for the ABC television station, before she joined as a presenter and correspondent to the conservative and Trump well-meaning news channel Fox News.

Her predecessor Haley had surprisingly announced her resignation in October after less than two years in office. The reasons for the sudden abdication are still unclear.

Haley was Governor of the State of South Carolina prior to serving as UN Ambassador and was initially unenthusiastic about Trump. Above all, his rude appearance in the election campaign and his racist remarks displeased the daughter of Indian immigrants. After Trump’s election victory and her appointment as a representative at the United Nations, however, Haley contributed to Trump’s nationalist foreign policy and put them into practice.