Start America Trump wants ex-Justice Minister Barr as a session successor

Trump wants ex-Justice Minister Barr as a session successor


US President Donald Trump wants to bring former US Attorney General William Barr into his government and give him back his old post. Trump announced on Friday to journalists that he wanted to nominate the 68-year-old for the office.

He also confirmed that he wants to make former US State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert UN Ambassador. Both items must be confirmed by the Senate. Trump also hinted at another staff decision on Saturday.

Barr was already Minister of Justice under President George HW Bush in the early nineties, who died last week. Trump said he had not known Barr until recently, but he was his first choice. Former Minister Jeff Sessions had to leave in November because Trump was extremely dissatisfied with him.

The Office is important and under special observation because the Minister of Justice has overseen the investigation of special investigator Robert Mueller into the Russia affair. Mueller is investigating whether there were any collusion between Trump’s camp and representatives of Russia during the 2016 presidential campaign. Trump’s investigations are an eyesore.

Barr has been critical of Mueller’s investigation in the past. He told the New York Times last year that he sees a greater basis for investigating a uranium decision under then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton than for investigating Trump over possible collusion with Russia.

These remarks may play a role in Barr’s hearing before the Senate. Heather Nauert could also be „grilled“ in the Senate by the Democrats because she has no foreign policy experience except for her job as spokeswoman for the Foreign Ministry.

Nauert would succeed Nikki Haley, who leaves the office at the end of the year.

The 48-year-old Nauert was one of the most famous faces of Fox News‘ cable channel, which has since become Trump’s home channel. Together with others, including Ainsley Earhardt, she hosted the popular „Fox & Friends“ breakfast format, which was controversial because of its one-sided political coloring. When Haley announced her withdrawal for the end of 2018 in October, Trump already said that Nauert was considered very seriously for the post.

Under Foreign Minister Rex Tillerson Nauert changed in 2017 as a spokeswoman for the Foreign Ministry and used the local vacuum to an almost meteoric rise to top diplomat. As secretary of state, the mother of two sons now sits at the table in important international negotiations. However, her diplomatic experience is limited to one and a half years. She is considered highly loyal to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and to Trump.

Haley’s announcement to withdraw from the post came unexpectedly in October. Trump emphasized at the time that their departure was not due to a quarrel with the president.

It is not the first personal roach under Trump. Since taking office in January 2017, there have always been changes, layoffs or resignations. Trump’s chief of staff John Kelly is also at risk. Since the beginning of the year, it has been speculated time and again that Trump could dismiss him. CNN reported Friday that Kelly’s departure was imminent.