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Trump throws white house adviser

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The public is already used to being thrown out by the government team of US President Donald Trump, but the recent change of personnel in the White House stands out. On Tuesday, First Lady Melania Trump publicly demanded the dismissal of a high-ranking government employee. Only one day later, the US President actually shattered this employee.

It’s about a woman who has not been widely known to the general public: former Deputy National Security Advisor Mira Ricardel. On Tuesday, she stood in a public appearance a few meters from Donald Trump away in the White House.

Shortly after the appointment came the sensational message from Melania Trump. Her spokeswoman said that Ricardel no longer deserved to work for the White House, according to the First Lady Office. It took only about 24 hours until Trump’s decision.

Should take on „new role“

Trump’s spokeswoman Sarah Sanders announced Wednesday night (local time) that Ricardel will continue to support the president. She will however leave the White House and take on a „new role“ in the government. The US President is grateful for Ricardel’s continued service. She was previously Deputy National Security Advisor John Bolton.

According to US media reports, Ricardel had clashed with Melania Trump’s office over the past few weeks – due to organizational issues regarding the First Lady’s first solo trip abroad to Africa. Among other things, it should have gone to seats on the plane. Ricardel also had differences with members of the government, including Defense Secretary James Mattis. But the clinch with the First Lady was apparently doomed to her.

How much influence does the First Lady have?

The move raises questions about the influence of Melania Trump – and how much she is allowed to interfere in government work. With public statements, the First Lady usually holds back very much, even with statements of a political nature. In the past, she was at times publicly almost invisible and submerged for weeks. That she now offensively demanded the dismissal of a high-ranking government representative made all the more noticeable.

On the verge of her trip to Africa, Melania Trump had given the US broadcaster ABC a long interview, suggesting that she would not hold back on personnel assessments. There she said there are people in the White House who are untrustworthy. When asked if she had told her husband who she thought, she said, „Several people are not working there anymore.“
Bolton stood in front of Ricardel

The „Washington Post“ reported that Melania Trump had initially acted on internal channels against Ricardel. Bolton, however, has put himself before his deputy. The First Lady then went public. Incidentally, the two women never met each other in person. It is clear that the episode once again speaks for some confusion in the US government headquarters and is not very conducive to the visibility of Trump’s presidency.
More Rauswürfe?

Citing Trump, the US media report that the mood of the president is not at its best right now – partly because the congressional elections for his republicans did not go as well as he had hoped. The President makes no secret of his dissatisfaction with some members of his government apparatus.

Immediately after the congressional elections, he urged his Justice Minister Jeff Sessions from office. Several employees currently have to worry about their jobs. According to US media, Homeland Security Minister Kirstjen Nielsen and the White House chief of staff, John Kelly, are currently considered the wiggly candidates. But others could do it too. US media cite an unnamed government official as saying Trump is „pissed off by almost everyone“ in his environment.