Start America Trump scolded Tillerson on Twitter, calling him „stupid like a boulder „

Trump scolded Tillerson on Twitter, calling him „stupid like a boulder „


Donald Trump’s former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has in one of his rare public statements painted a disadvantageous image of his former boss.

Trump has often asked him to do things that are unlawful, Tillerson said, according to US media reports at an event in Houston, Texas. First, the „Houston Chronicle“ reported on the utterances. „Often the president said, ‚I want to do that and I want to do it that way‘,“ Tillerson explained. „And I always said, Mr. President, I understand what they want, but you can not do that, it’s breaking the law,“ Tillerson continued.

Trump then often reacted frustrated at the end of such talks. The accounts of former oil manager Tillerson fit into the picture drawn by several book authors, including Watergate writer Bob Woodward, of Trump in the White House.

Tillerson was dismissed by Trump after just over a year in office – he is said to have learned during a stay abroad via Twitter. Tillerson also said that during his time as Foreign Minister, he had developed a clear image of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Putin is very calculating and play „three-dimensional chess“.

He wanted to undermine US influence in the world. The ex-Foreign Minister also expressed concerns about Trump’s dealings with his electorate. „I want to be honest, it worries me that the American people want so little to know about certain issues that it’s happy with 128 characters,“ Tillerson said.

And Trump’s reaction? He scolded Tillerson on Twitter, calling him „stupid like a boulder.“