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Trump offers Democrats cooperation

MIH83 / Pixabay

After the victory of the US Democrats in the election to the House of Representatives, President Donald Trump has offered cooperation to the opposition party. „Hopefully, we can all work together next year,“ Trump said today at a White House press conference.

He congratulated Democratic Group leader Nancy Pelosi on her party winning the majority in the Congress Chamber. Trump also claimed a historic victory in the US Senate for himself and his Republicans. The Republicans would probably get at least three seats in the Senate. That had been impossible since the days of John F. Kennedy, no US president in his first interim elections.

Trump pointed out that his predecessor Barack Obama lost six senate seats on the same occasion. Trump said the Democrats had benefited from generous party donations in the election campaign. In addition, he raised his usual allegations against the media and delivered, inter alia, a CNN reporter a war of words.

2020 renewed candidacy announced

Trump also announced that he wanted to move in 2020 with his vice Mike Pence in the election campaign for the presidency. When asked at a press conference if he would cling to Pence as his „running mate,“ Trump said, „Well, I did not ask him that, but I hope so.“ The President then looked in the audience for Pence and asked him directly. „Mike, would you like to be my running mate?“ Pence stood up and nodded. Trump said the answer to the question was yes.