Start America Trump: „Every lawsuit filed in the Ninth District will beat us,“

Trump: „Every lawsuit filed in the Ninth District will beat us,“


America’s President Donald Trump wants to pull before the Supreme Court in the dispute over the tightening of asylum rules on the southern border with Mexico, which has been stopped by a federal court. „We will win this case in the United States Supreme Court,“ Trump said Tuesday in Washington. At the same time, Trump appeared to subject federal judge Jon Tigar to partiality. Tigar had stopped the tightening of the asylum rules ordered by Trump on Monday evening in San Francisco by provisional order for the time being. Trump pointed out that his predecessor Barack Obama Tigar have used. „That was an Obama judge.“

The president also fiercely criticized the jurisdiction to which Tigar belongs. „Every lawsuit filed in the Ninth District will beat us,“ Trump said. „This will not happen any further.“ He added, „The Ninth Judicial District is really something we need to look at. It’s a shame. „Tigar’s injunction remains in effect until at least 19 December. For the time being, such people can again apply for asylum in the United States, which has crossed the border illegally. Tigar was thus suing several civil rights organizations.

The rules should apply for at least three months

The US Department of Justice reacted with incomprehension to the decision and defended Trump course. The President had signed a proclamation on November 9 that migrants crossing the southern border into the United States illegally will be denied asylum. The procedures should thus be possible only at official border crossings. The rules should apply for at least three months. Trump responded to large groups of Central American migrants who are in Mexico and want to enter the United States. Above all, they flee from the misery and violence in their home countries and want to seek asylum in America.

Tigar decided that the president should not „rewrite the immigration laws to impose conditions that Congress has expressly forbidden.“ The government’s argument that the regulations are compatible with the immigration laws in the Immigration and Nationality Act is „unconvincing“. The judge pointed out that according to the law everyone has the right to apply for asylum, regardless of whether or not he enters the United States via an official border crossing. The Department of Justice held that the asylum system was broken and was abused tens of thousands of people every year by people who applied for asylum without being entitled to it. Trump’s proclamation is lawful and aims to control migration in the national interest. It is „absurd“ that some civil rights groups could now stop this.

Trump’s spokeswoman Sarah Sanders complained that a single judge prevented the authorities from rationally protecting the border. „This decision will open the floodgates and invite countless illegal immigrants to pour into our country at the expense of American taxpayers.“ This is another example of „activist judges“ who wanted to enforce a policy of open borders – against Will of the vast majority of the population in the United States. Trump has repeatedly criticized the immigration laws and called for Congress – the American parliament – to reform.

In the run-up to the congressional elections on November 6, he described the group of Central American migrants who had headed for the United States as an „invasion.“ Thousands of migrants from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala have come to the Mexican border town of Tijuana in recent days. On the way from Guatemala to Mexico some of the people had ready.