Start America Trump calls construction of the pipeline „terrible“

Trump calls construction of the pipeline „terrible“


The US has openly called for the exit from the construction of the Baltic Sea pipeline Nord Stream 2, which was also supported by the German government. „Our position is pretty clear: we call on all parties involved to end the project,“ US Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Francis Fannon, said in Washington.

The pipeline runs from Russia through the Baltic Sea to Greifswald. Previous supply routes for Russian gas through Ukraine would be bypassed. Russia attaches great importance to the pipeline. In Germany and in the EU, there are also criticism in addition to economic and energy policy interests in the project.

Trump calls construction of the pipeline „terrible“

US President Donald Trump has repeatedly described the construction of the pipeline ending in Germany and the Ukraine as „terrible“ and openly opposes the implementation. However, the Federal Government is sticking to its support for the project.

The pipeline would further increase Europe’s dependence on Russian energy resources, Fannon said. There was no reason to dare to speak the words of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who had promised to channel gas through Ukraine.

For some time now, the US has been trying to sell its surplus and extracted gas in Europe. In Poland, for example, a terminal for liquefied natural gas is being expanded. In Lithuania, a new terminal opened in 2014, and in Croatia such a facility is due to open in 2020, serving primarily the Hungarian market.