Start America Trump added that he would receive a final report on the events...

Trump added that he would receive a final report on the events on the Black Sea during the flight


On his flight to Argentina, Trump tweeted that „due to the fact that the Ukrainian ships and crews have not yet been returned from Russia to Ukraine, it would be best for everyone involved in my previously announced meeting with President Vladimir Putin in Argentina. I look forward to a meaningful meeting as soon as this problem has resolved! “
These statements are a turnaround on what Trump had shown hours before, when he said that it was a „very good time“ to meet Putin in Argentina.
Speaking to press officials before leaving for Buenos Aires, Trump said he was „likely“ to meet Putin, although he threatened on Tuesday, at the meeting because of his dissatisfaction over the Russian-Ukrainian confrontation in Kerch Strait, which The Black Sea from the Azov Sea separates, to give up.
„I’ll probably meet with President Putin, we did not cancel the meeting,“ he said. „The Russians want the meeting, I think it’s a very good time for this meeting.“

„On the plane, I’ll get a full report on that, so I’ll decide what to do next.“
Trump told reporters that he was willing to meet with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in Argentina, but his tight schedule did not allow it.
The Ukrainian Navy said on Sunday that Russian troops near Kerch Strait had opened fire on three Ukrainian boats. Six Ukrainian sailors were wounded, two of them seriously. The naval boats were subsequently confiscated by Russia.
The Rus- sian Federation Security Service (FSB) said that the three Ukrainian naval boats Berdyansk, Nikopol and Yany Kapu had invaded Russian waters and carried out dangerous maneuvers despite being warned by FSB and Russian Black Sea Fleet vessels.
The Ukrainian navy, on the other hand, declared that it had informed the Russian side of this move in advance of crossing Kerch Strait and described Russia’s behavior as an „act of aggression.“