Start Europe Toyota recalls 1.6 million vehicles

Toyota recalls 1.6 million vehicles

bernardsie / Pixabay

The Japanese carmaker Toyota calls again worldwide more than 1.6 million vehicles in the workshops – this time because of various problems related to airbags. With 1.06 million cars, the airbag control unit must be replaced, as the company announced today.
Number of affected cars in Austria unclear

These are the models Avensis, Corolla and Corolla Verso. How many cars are affected in Austria remained open for the time being on holiday.

In the case of affected vehicles, there is the possibility that the airbags are deactivated by a fault within the airbag control unit or triggered while driving, as Toyota announced. The owners are contacted and asked to have the airbag control unit replaced. This takes an hour and is free for the customer.

600,000 cars are affected by a second recall, of which 255,000 in Europe – here, the passenger airbags must be repaired.

The Japanese manufacturer had to call several times in the past few weeks a number of vehicles in the workshops. Affected were several million hybrid vehicles.