Start England Theresa May has met with Mark Rutte,

Theresa May has met with Mark Rutte,


British Prime Minister Theresa May has met with her Dutch counterpart, Mark Rutte, following the postponement of the crucial vote on the Brexit agreement in The Hague.

May arrived early Tuesday at Rutte’s official residence in The Hague and was travelling later in the day to Berlin and Brussels

Heads of government should discuss the Brexit deal Tuesday at a working breakfast at the Prime Minister’s office, the Catshuis. May then wanted to travel to Berlin and meet there at 13.00 clock Chancellor Angela Merkel. In the afternoon, May was expected in Brussels to meet with EU Council President Donald Tusk.

With the UK House of Commons threatening to reject it, May canceled Monday’s parliamentary vote on Thursday’s Brexit deal on Brussels. She now wants to renegotiate.

Instead, May went to the House of Commons on Monday and conceded that the divorce deal she struck last month with EU leaders was likely to be rejected „by a significant margin“ and postponed the vote.

The Netherlands is traditionally a close partner of Great Britain in Europe. But Premier Rutte had already signaled that he sees no prospects for renegotiations.