Start Asia the Syrian army shot down an Israeli fighter and four rockets

the Syrian army shot down an Israeli fighter and four rockets


The attacks were for the city of Kiswa. According to Reuters news agency, Hezbollah facilities supported by Israel’s archenemy Iran are located in the region. An Israeli military spokesman denied the alleged launch of the fighter against Reuters: „That’s wrong.“

The opposition Syrian Observatory for Human Rights also reported attacks by Israeli fighter jets, but not a shootdown. The one-hour attacks were directed against positions in the southern and southwestern suburbs of the capital, Damascus, as well as on the border of Kuneitra province in the south of the country. Previously, Syrian media had reported anti-aircraft gunfire.

The possible attack would be the first since Russia delivered an S-300 air defense system to its ally Syria last month. In September, Syria had attempted to shoot down four Israeli F-16 fighter jets with the outdated S-200 air defense system, killing a Russian Iljuschin Il-20 military aircraft. (Read here how the incident shapes the course of the Syrian war.)

Israel has been bombarding Iranian arms transports and bases in civil war-stricken Syria for years – and is also attacking Syrian positions deep in the hinterland, which are used by Iranian Revolutionary Guards. 800 air and artillery strikes against 200 targets were in the past one and a half years alone.