Start Finance The questionable business model of Michael Scheibe from Switzerland with CooinX

The questionable business model of Michael Scheibe from Switzerland with CooinX

pasja1000 / Pixabay

Well, Michael Scheibe probably feels touched by everything that is not conducive to his business model. Only, dear Michael Scheibe, that has so little to do with a factual argument. But now you have to realize once again, dear Mr. Scheibe, the company you are advertising for here advertises, in our view, quite clearly with „unfair means“. Of course, we also like to tell you what we mean by that and how we arrive at this assessment. Of course, dear Michael Scheibe, we also had prior communication with Mr Meuser.
We had been given a flyer in our editorial office, with which the company WeeNexx AG has gone for investors, and so we suspect once, then also capital of interested investors has collected. Only then you have to ask the public question „why does a company like WeeNexx AG need it?“. We have been online for some years now, so we know a lot of sales flyers. But also flyers that are not so from our point of view. What is it all about?

Now mentioned in the flyer „LightPaper“, we find the advertising with word markers of various companies known in Germany. LIDL-SATURN-DocMorris- REWE S. Oliver. Unfortunately, we unfortunately know that the then often mentioned companies knew nothing about it, that they are named in a flyer as a reference, with the money collected by retail investors. Now we know one or the other press officer from these companies, which we then also contacted.

They guessed it, Herr Scheibe, they „fell from the clouds“ when they got the flyer from us. Now we have informed then also about this Mr. Meuser, who then first in writing has communicated „all right“, but then probably not so, because one day later we got from Mr. Meuser the information that you all flyer which are still present „stamped“, just because of the use of the word mark that we criticized.

Of course we ask ourselves, dear Michael Scheibe, why does a company like WeeNEXX AG need such advertising at all, if this is such a great product? Now you write „that you do not take seriously an Internet portal that makes spelling mistakes in the first sentence 2“. We say Mr Scheibe, a company that does so in its advertising, we do not take it seriously. Here we see ourselves in our warning only confirmed once again. Sometimes, Michael Scheibe, a spelling mistake is not as bad as their „dishonest advertising“. You should think about that.