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The most expensive CHOCOLATE

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Creamy taste and a fragrant cocoa note characterize the Stiftung Warentest according to a good chocolate. The tables do not have to be expensive for that. 25 chocolate bars have been examined by Stiftung Warentest.

What makes a good chocolate? It should have a clear cocoa note, be creamy in the taste and smell of caramel. If the panels are then still free of air bubbles, have a smooth surface and do not splinter at the edges, they score at Stiftung Warentest. Twenty-one out of 25 chocolate bars tested received a rating of „good“ or „very good“.

A chocolate received the grade sufficient, said the foundation in Berlin in a pre-registration for their magazine „test“. It was the most expensive. She received deductions because of a high load with the heavy metal nickel, which, however, was harmless to health.

The foundation tested chocolates in the price range between one and just seven euros per 100 grams on the basis of various criteria. These included, among other things, taste and labeling. Test winners include „The Good Chocolate“ (1 Euro / 100g), „Marabou Mjölk Cjhoklad“ (1.12 Euro / 100g) and „Merci Edel-Rahm“ (1.30 / 100g) and „Milka Alpine Milk „(1 Euro / 100 g).

For a long time, traces of mineral oil were a problem with chocolates. Now testify the product testers that the manufacturers have the problem now „under control“. No chocolate is significantly contaminated with pesticides or the pollutant cadmium.

In individual cases, the testers criticize a herbaceous foreign note in the taste of a misleading image of a vanilla pod on the packaging, although only the flavoring vanillin is used. Vanilla pods or extracts are also on some ingredient lists, but in fact contain the chocolate then only traces of it, the testers.