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The Ford car maker plans to cut jobs at its second largest German production site in Saarlouis


Nothing was decided yet, it would be negotiated with the works council, said a company spokeswoman in Cologne. The employees were informed about this at a company meeting. In Saarlouis, with a total of around 6300 employees, the production of the C-Max model is due to expire anyway next year. It is conceivable then a company with two instead of three layers so far. One shift equals 1,600 employees.

The group had in the first three quarters of this year losses in Europe and wanted to return to profitability, said the Ford spokeswoman.

400 people would be retiring at the end of the year anyway, she said. In addition, 500 temporary employment contracts, which had been closed in mid-2018 to launch the new Focus production, would expire in mid-2019. More than 600 additional employees retired in the coming months or could work part-time. „Socially acceptable solutions are found,“ the spokeswoman said.