Start Europe The diesel exhaust scandal also employs courts in Rhineland-Palatinate

The diesel exhaust scandal also employs courts in Rhineland-Palatinate


As a result of the diesel exhaust scandal are hundreds of lawsuits filed by car owners against car companies at district courts in Rhineland-Palatinate still pending. This was the result of a survey by the German Press Agency at several court locations in the state. In the civil proceedings it is usually about the resignation of the contract and for damages, said the spokeswoman for the district court Mainz, Karola Krause. At the turn of the year, „another increase“ in the proceedings is expected, because then claims will soon be barred.

For complaints against Volkswagen, whose exhaust manipulations were known in 2015, the deadline expires in late 2018. Because defects can usually be claimed up to three years after becoming known. From 2019 onwards, according to Krause, a reduction of complaints in connection with the „diesel scandal“ is expected. It is possible that the newly introduced by the legislature model claim to contribute. For a few days affected diesel buyers can register in the suit register at the Federal Office of Justice for a class action against VW.

At the district court of Trier, a total of 275 lawsuits have been filed in connection with manipulated exhaust emissions since 2016 until the end of September 2018, court spokeswoman Sarah Weber said. Of it his still about 190 pending. Because of the large number of cases, a civil court of the court has specialized since the beginning of the year on the lawsuits. Nearly every case was closed with a verdict in the first instance, said Weber.

How – in which direction – she could not say. „I assume that there were also valid judgments.“ The district court Trier was responsible, if the car purchase in that district over the stage had gone. According to the Duesseldorf lawyer Dirk Fuhrhop Trierer district court was recently also decided that VW must pay a Skoda owner with „Schummeldiesel“ the purchase price less a compensation for use.