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The arrival of thousands of migrants from Central America causes a stir in the Tijuana


Thousands of people from Central America are stuck on the border with California. But even in Mexico they are not welcome. More affluent neighborhoods in the city of Tijuana were in for protests.

The arrival of thousands of migrants from Central America causes a stir in the Mexican city of Tijuana. Hundreds of people protested against the arrival of people from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. The demonstrations took place mainly in wealthier neighborhoods.

There, the demonstrators waved Mexican flags and displayed banners saying „Not even more Karawanan“. Later, they marched in front of an emergency shelter, which currently accommodates about 2,500 people. There were blows between police and violent demonstrators.

Trump speaks of „invaders“

In the coming days, another 3,000 migrants are expected in Tijuana. The migrants from Central America have been on their way to the USA for about a month. Many want to apply for asylum there.

Protests in Tijuana | Source: APgalerie
The people of Central America flee from the bitter poverty and violence of youth gangs in their homeland. The so-called Maras blackmail protection money, control entire neighborhoods and force recruiting young people. Honduras and El Salvador are among the most dangerous countries in the world.

US President Donald Trump has repeatedly stressed that he does not allow migrants to enter the country. He spoke of an „invasion“ and had around 5600 soldiers transferred to the border to stop people. In total, more than 8,000 migrants in various groups are en route to the United States.

Care in the region

During their trip through Mexico, many people expressed their solidarity with the migrants. In Tijuana, however, the situation is different. Many migrants are already stranded in the city, and many Mexicans and Central Americans settle there when they are deported from the United States.

„Tijuana is a city of migrants, but not in this way,“ said Mayor Juan Manuel Gastélum. Tijuana lives from its proximity to the border and trade with the US. Some migrants had recently climbed onto the border fence and provoked the US border guards. Now there is growing concern among local residents and entrepreneurs that relations with the United States could deteriorate with the arrival of more and more migrants.