Start Asia „The 5G era will be the real start of a four-player market...

„The 5G era will be the real start of a four-player market in China,“


It is well-informed that CBN, the pioneer and operator of Chinese cable television, has made an official application for a 5G license. CBN has the advantage over its competitors of having enormous feed-in capability in its existing cable network.
„Frequencies are as important to mobile operators as real estate developers are, and broadband frequencies need to be available for good cell phone quality,“ said the expert, who did not want to be allowed to speak because he was not allowed to talk about it in public ,
CBN became China’s fourth mobile network operator in 2016 after the ministry granted the company a license to provide basic telecommunications services.
However, because the construction of a 4G network was already in full swing at the time, CBN has not offered any services as a result of the late market entry, said Xiang Ligang, CEO of telecom industry website Cctime. „The 5G era will be the real start of a four-player market in China,“ said Xiang.
On Wednesday, the shares of a cable TV company rose, the Shaanxi BC & TV Network listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange rose by ten percent to 6.57 yuan (94 cents).
Chinese companies are working feverishly to make commercial use of 5G technology, which is said to be ten times faster than its predecessor 4G technology. It supports super-fast downloading of movies, streaming games in virtual space, and self-driving automobiles.
China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom are already conducting 5G test runs in a number of cities. Until next year, a still uncommercial test on a large scale to go over the stage.
It expects 576 million 5G customers by the year 2025, which would represent more than 40 percent of the global 5G clientele, according to a report by the international consulting firm EY.

A survey by the Chinese Academy of Informatics and Communications Technology predicts that the 5G system will become the starting point for economic output of 6.3 trillion yuan by 2030.
Fu Liang, an independent telecom market analyst, said CBN’s entry into the marketplace was designed to increase competitiveness and develop „trimediality,“ a state-sponsored project focused on bringing telecommunications, television, and the Internet together into a single network.
„In addition, the telecommunications business CBN, whose cable TV broadcasters are facing strong competition from Internet TV, will give new impetus,