Start Asia Thailand was 20-year water master plan ready for consideration

Thailand was 20-year water master plan ready for consideration


The government’s water management sub-committee has approved a 20-year water management master plan that will be submitted to the National Water Resources Committee for approval on Dec 19.

Heading the sub-committee, Deputy Prime Minister Chatchai Sarikulya said the plan was drafted by the Office of National Water Resources and relevant organizations and consisted of six areas of water management.

The first one will develop tap water production for 75,032 villages nationwide. The second area concerns secure water supply for manufacturing. The third area was aimed at preventing flooding and maximizing flood drainage.

The fourth area deals with water conservation and anti-water pollution missions.

The fifth area is for the conservation of catchment areas including 3.5-million-rai reforestation and the prevention of soil erosion in catchment areas.

The sixth part of the master plan is for the establishment of water management organizations, related databases, research and development activities, and water management plans in normal situations and crises.