Start News ATP World Championship-Tennis of his life

ATP World Championship-Tennis of his life


Alexander Zverev has won the biggest title of his young career so far in a sensational season finale. The Hamburg native sat down in the final of London against the up to now all-superior Novak Djokovic the crown. Twenty-three years after Boris Becker was the last German to have triumphed in the tournament of the eight best of the year, Zverev defeated the Serb 6: 4, 6: 3. And completely deserved.

Third German

When Zverev had turned his second match ball after 80 minutes after 1:19 hours, Zverev dropped to the blue ground and slammed his hands in disbelief in front of his face. Then he went into his box and fell around his father and his coach Ivan Lendl’s neck. Having not been able to convince at the Grand Slam tournaments so far, Zverev showed it all this time with his triumph to all critics. The 21-year-old is the youngest champion in the ATP finals since Djokovic ten years ago and the third German after Becker (1988, 1992, 1995) and Michael Stich (1993). „A new star is born,“ said Becker as an expert on the British TV channel BBC.

I can hardly describe it, it’s incredible: I can not describe what I’m feeling, „said Zverev, gratefully – and added with a smile towards Djokovic:“ You can win any game you want, I’m very grateful to you for not doing it today. “ In the group match on Wednesday he had lost against Djokovic clearly (4: 6, 1: 6). For the achievement Zverev gets 2.509 million dollars and the recognition of the entire tennis scene. The „Djoker“ bowed to his opponent: „You played so much better than in group play, you have an incredible career ahead of you.“

At the last major event of the year, all experts had expected Djokovic’s sixth triumph, after all, the world number one had lost only two matches in the past six months, dominated at Wimbledon and at the US Open and was also at the season finale in the first four matches no nakedness. Not even did Djokovic lose his serve, but Zverev did not respect the big name. The passed matriculation test in the semifinals against record champion Roger Federer had his self-confidence grow in the immeasurable.

Tennis of his life

But a final move, even if he has made him perfect against the Swiss Federer, Zverev not enough, he knows only one goal: to be the best. The eternal comparisons with Becker interested him at least for so long, „until I become the first German after him Wimbledon win,“ he said before the final against Djokovic. Beckers footsteps at the season finale, once called the Masters Cup or ATP World Championship, have now been completed by Zverev, 20 kilometers from the Grand Slam facility on Church Road.

One day after his win over crowd-pleaser Federer, he even managed to win over the majority of viewers at the North Greenwich Arena. High impact, patient from the baseline and with deliberate net attacks he dictated the game. He had complained before and during the tournament on the much too long for his taste season. The tiredness had not let him go for two months, physically and mentally a limit has been reached, said Zverev. In his 77th official match of the year, however, hardly anything was felt. With the approaching holiday in the Maldives in mind Zverev played the tennis of his life.

For 5: 4 in the first set Zverev took the Djikovic from the service, after 39 minutes he used his second set ball to 6: 4. It was the first set loss of the Serb throughout the tournament. Also in the second section Zverev started furiously. The number five in the world immediately managed a break again, a murmur went through the arena. But then Zverev became a bit hectic and had to give up his service as well. However, the period of weakness did not last long. Zverev immediately recovered and made another break. This opened the way for the native of Hamburg. Djokovic despaired of the constant game of German, who was unstoppable on the way to the greatest success of his career.