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Syria is where serious offenders could be deported without the threat of life and limb?

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Deportation stop to Syria is probably checked faster

Lower Saxony’s Interior Minister Boris Pistorius (SPD) sees no chance for early deportations to Syria before the Conference of Interior Ministers. „The new Foreign Office report on the situation in Syria draws a bleak picture: anyone who reads this knows that nobody can be deported into the country at the moment,“ said Pistorius in an interview with WELT.

Although the spokesman for the SPD-led interior ministries in the federal states considers repatriations of Syrians to be a long-term possibility, he said he was open to ending the deportation ban initially for another six months. „I think you can do that twice a year,“ Pistorius said. „But that’s superfluous. It is safe to say that there is currently no indication of any improvement in the situation in Syria. “
Previously, Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) and Saxony-Anhalt’s department head Holger Stahlknecht (CDU) had already spoken out against deportations to Syria. Stahlknecht is currently chairman of the Conference of Interior Ministers. However, the department heads have to agree this week on how long this deportation stop should apply.

According to Stahlknecht, the CDU-led countries are in favor of extending it until mid-2019, and until then ask the Federal Foreign Office for an updated assessment of the situation. The key question is: is Syria fundamentally too dangerous, or is there now some parts of the country where serious offenders could be deported without the threat of life and limb?

„No legal certainty or protection against political persecution“

To answer the question, the interior ministers had asked the Foreign Office for a reassessment of the security situation. This is available since the 13th of November. For those half of the Syrians who have fled to Germany who have received refugee protection because of political persecution, the Federal Foreign Office currently sees no possibilities for a return.

„There is no comprehensive, long-term and reliable internal protection for persecuted persons in any part of Syria“ that there is „no legal certainty or protection against political persecution, arbitrary arrest and torture,“ according to the report in WELT.

Lower Saxony’s Minister of the Interior continues to see big problems with identity identification and calls for improvements. „In particular, sanctions and measures must be tightened in identity thefts,“ said Pistorius. For deceivers, there are still no adequate sanctions.

He called for the federal government to make more efforts in repatriations. The SPD politician believes that the increased use of charter engines for necessary. „States are still refusing to allow such deportation flights to land themselves.“ Often, the countries allowed only one or two rejected asylum seekers per scheduled flight. „The federal government must change this in an interview with the countries of origin and conclude appropriate readmission agreements.“

Pistorius also called on Federal Interior Minister Seehofer to put more emphasis on the so-called visa lever. According to the report, third countries that refuse to cooperate with EU countries in repatriating migrants to their homes should in future receive fewer visas for entry.