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Swiss smartphone users are once again discovering Nokia


Zurich – The dead say live longer. This also applies to Nokia, the former darling of mobile phone users. Because Nokia has regained one of the top spots in the Swiss smartphone market. The market is still dominated by Apple and Samsung.

In terms of operating systems, Google’s Android system is the most popular in Switzerland, as the survey published on Wednesday by Comparis Comparisons shows. 56 percent of smartphone owners use an Android device, compared with 54 percent the year before. 44 percent have an iPhone after 41 percent in the previous year.

Nokia in 4th place

In the Android phones Nokia is striking. The Finnish mobile phone manufacturer ranks fourth with a usage rate of 3 percent, according to the study. Nokia has overtaken competitor Sony. In this case, the utilization rate has halved from 4 to 2 percent. Huawei defended place 3. Contrary to the global trend, however, the world ranking only has a market share of 8 percent in Switzerland.

The two top ranks continue to share by far Apple and Samsung. Apple has gained 3 percent over the previous year (from 41 to 44 percent). Meanwhile, Samsung has let 3 percent feathers (from 39 to 36 percent).

Mr. and Mrs. Schweizer are currently using the devices Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus (10 percent) as well as the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge (9 percent).

Good change
The vast majority of Swiss people have changed their device recently: One third of the respondents own the current smartphone for less than a year. 44 percent say they own the device for one to two years. And only one in five uses the phone for 3 years and more. (AWP / mc / ps)