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Sweden continues without government

qimono / Pixabay

The leader of the party Moderaterna, Ulf Kristersson, today lost the election for prime minister in the Swedish parliament. 195 of 349 deputies voted against him. The conservative politician wanted to form a minority government together with the Christian Democrats.

His defeat was not unexpected. Previously, Kristersson had lost the support of his two traditional partners, the Center Party and the Liberals. They did not want to sit in a government that comes to power with the votes of the right-wing populist Sweden Democrats.
„Sweden democrats have no influence“

After the election on 9th September, neither the bourgeois camp nor the red-green camp has a majority in parliament. The Sweden Democrats came to 17.5 percent.

„This vote is not about Ulf Kristersson as prime minister, but about not giving the Sweden Democrats any decisive influence,“ Center Party chief Annie Lööf said. She pleaded for cross-block cooperation. Observers expect Lööf to be commissioned to form a government next