Start England Spoiled for 18 million at Harrods: Banker’s wife arrested

Spoiled for 18 million at Harrods: Banker’s wife arrested

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Because the wife of a banker who was already in prison for fraud shopped for the equivalent of 18 million euros in the British department store Harrods, she was now arrested on suspicion of embezzlement. It should prove where the money came from.

Because she was shopping for 18 million euros in the department store Harrods, now a banker’s wife was arrested now.

Just over a month ago, it was announced that Azerbaijani banker’s wife Zamira H. was said to have shopped in London’s department store Harrods for the equivalent of 18 million euros within ten years. Now the 55-year-old, whose husband is already in jail for fraud, embezzlement and embezzlement, has been arrested, according to „BBC“. She now has to prove where she got the money from.

This makes Zamira H. the first person to be a suspect because of the unauthorized wealth order (UWO), a new tool of the UK anti-corruption authorities, to disclose where her fortune comes from. The burden of proof is reversed – not the state has to prove an offense, but the suspect must prove that he has legally acquired his assets. The „law on the reform of criminal asset recovery“ from the year 2017 makes this possible also in Germany.

Zamira H. is the wife of a captured banker

Zamira H. is the wife of ex-banker Jahangir H., who was sentenced to fifteen years in prison by the International Bank of Azerbaijan – the bank from which his wife bought a total of 35 credit cards for her power between 2006 and 2016. Shopping should have used. That came before the British authorities suspicious.

The National Crime Agency (NCA) had asked for information about how the banker’s wife in London was able to buy two properties worth a total of £ 22 million and the source of the money for the sprawling shopping at Harrods.

Her lawyers say, according to „BBC“, that Zamira H. is „not a cheater“. She was arrested anyway on suspicion of embezzlement – and must expect to be expelled. The arrest was preceded by an extradition request by the Azerbaijani authorities.
Case Zamira H .: According to prosecutors, there is a risk of absconding

According to the BBC, one judge ordered that Zamira H. be released on a bail of £ 500,000 and, under certain conditions, put to house arrest. Her children, like her, live in the UK. The prosecution, however, believed that there was a risk of absconding. Zamira H. had filed an appeal against the judicial order from London – but to no avail.