Start News Spanish health minister apologizes for gala evening

Spanish health minister apologizes for gala evening

qimono / Pixabay

The Spanish Minister of Health has apologized for attending a gala evening. Salvador Illa said in parliament today that in view of the strict coronavirus measures it would have been better if he had not attended the celebration with 80 guests. He had previously been sharply criticized.

„I was there like many others,“ said Illa. But he only stayed as long as necessary. The minister said he only appeared for the award of a prize to the Spanish armed forces, which were recognized for their work during the pandemic. He didn’t stay to eat anymore. “The best safe distance is not to go there in the first place,” added Illa.

The pictures of the gala evening sparked indignation in the online networks about the party of the „elite“. People in Spain are currently not allowed to meet in groups of more than six people due to government measures. You are also asked to generally avoid family celebrations.