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Smoke on the plane: Boeing lands in Siberia


Due to smoke in the cabin, an aircraft with 282 people on board has landed unscheduled in Siberia in eastern Russia. The Boeing 777 was safely on the airstrip of the airport of Irkutsk set up, no one was injured, Russian media reported today, citing the authorities and the airport.

The aircraft of the airline Air France was traveling from Paris to Shanghai in China. The pilot had reportedly noticed the smoke on the border between Russia and Mongolia. Air France spoke of a „pungent smell and light smoke“ according to French media. Why it came to that was initially unclear. Technicians should examine the machine.
Air-Astana: Emergency landing in Portugal

A machine of the Kazakh airline Air Astana, however, got into a dramatic situation over Portugal. After occasionally considering an emergency landing at sea, the pilot finally landed the plane at Beja airport, 150 kilometers southeast of Lisbon, Portuguese media reported, citing the air traffic control authority NAV.

The pilot has a total of three times scheduled to land until he can bring the plane safely to the ground, reported the newspaper „Publico“. Two F-16 fighter jets would have accompanied the machine. According to the newspaper „Jornal de Noticias“, the aircraft was after a maintenance on a test flight, which is why no passengers, but six crew members were on board.

Apparently, after the launch of the instruments have failed, so the pilot temporarily lost control of the machine Embraer 190 and circled in tight curves over Portugal. He made an emergency call, whereupon the military jets were sent to help. In Beja were ambulance and fire department on the spot. The crew was under medical care, but injured did not exist.