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Sleep disorders affect one in three children

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Did you know ? Sleep disorders affect one in three children. Bedtime rituals and natural solutions help to restore peaceful nights from 1 year.

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Sleep: a treasure so fragile for the little ones

Half of the life of the toddlers has gone to sleep. If the duration of their nights continues to evolve the first months, it stabilizes during childhood. However, it is frequent that troubles invite themselves at the bedside. They are 20% having trouble falling asleep and 23% waking up in the middle of the night. Nightmares are often the cause … Consequence: these nocturnal episodes have repercussions on the sleep of the parents and thus on the family life.

Rituals that help you fall asleep

Because they structure the daily life of toddlers and help them to calm down, bedtime rituals are all good. Eat and crawl in bed at regular times, maintain a quiet atmosphere at home in the evening, avoid screens, spend time with his parents around a book or a game … All benchmarks are allowed provided that they reassure the tribe.

Calmosine Somme Bio: a relaxing drink from 1 year

Based on lemon balm and fragrant verbena, Calmosine Sommeil Bio is a relaxing drink with organic plant extracts. Gentle and natural, this natural solution made from organic plant extracts, which comes in pods, has proven itself with 73% of moms and 86% of those who have used it recommend it. Without any undesirable effect or addiction, Calmosine sleep BIO fits very well into the evening ritual and acts as a cure to find serene nights and start all together on a good basis.