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Sentiment against the migration pact employs Berlin

FelixMittermeier / Pixabay

According to a media report, the German Foreign Ministry wants to act against political sentiment against the UNO migration pact. There are attempts to „misleading information“ to mobilize public opinion against the agreement, according to the newspapers of the editorial network Germany (RND, Friday issues) from the Foreign Office.

In the future, counterfeit messages should be countered, as they would be disseminated by the AfD. Thus, the Foreign Office contradicts the presentation of the AfD, with an accession to the agreement, the German government takes „acceleration and multiplication of immigration in purchasing“.

Predictions that the migration pact would increase immigration to certain countries „are completely dubious and do not correspond to the objectives of the pact,“ it said, according to RND newspapers in the Foreign Office.
Not legally binding

The UN’s first „Global Pact for Safe, Orderly and Regulated Migration“ will be formally adopted in December at a conference in Morocco.

It contains a number of guidelines and some 20 concrete measures, the implementation of which is, however, not legally binding. It is about better international cooperation in migration policy and standards in dealing with refugees.
The Czech Republic is also thinking about getting out

After the US and Hungary, however, Austria announced on Wednesday that it would not sign the migration pact. Australia had also already expressed skepticism. The government in Poland is also considering refusing to sign.

Most recently, Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis also turned against the agreement. „I do not like this pact,“ he told parliament yesterday.