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Scooter in modern garb with electric motor and battery


In Germany they are forbidden so far. That remains the case for the time being – the approval continues to be delayed. Only with a soft whir, they roll over roads and roads, often with a surprisingly strong acceleration: Scooter in modern garb with electric motor and battery. In part, the revised version of the classic is also called e-scooter or kick scooter.

Who currently uses an e-scooter, does this without permission. Because motor vehicles that drive faster than six kilometers per hour need in Germany for public roads an operating license and insurance. Both are missing so far. That will stay that way for the time being. Because the planned approval for „small electrical vehicles“ is delayed. This is the result of communications from the Ministry of Transport and a treatment of the issue in the Bundestag. So far, the ministry had assumed legalizing e-scooters until „the end of 2018 or the beginning of 2019“.

„New mobility culture“

In American cities, but also in Moscow, Tel Aviv, Paris and Vienna, the electric scooters spread rapidly. Leihmodelle boom especially in the US. In Germany, on the other hand, driving with a motor vehicle without a license is a misdemeanor, which costs 70 euros. As early as 2017, the German government had informed the Greens on request that they „welcome the use of environmentally friendly means of transport and transportation, also in the sense of a new mobility culture“.

It is planned to admit electric scooters that can drive up to 20 kilometers per hour. They should drive mainly on bike paths. If there is no bike path, they have to dodge the road. Walkways are taboo. The scooters must be equipped with a „steering or handrail“, „two independent brakes“, turn signals and a horn.

Minimum age 15 years
The small scooters also need an insurance badge, similar to mopeds and small scooters, helmets are not mandatory. The driver must be at least 15 years old and have a moped driving license or other driving license.