Start Asia SCANDAL over NISSAN knew of the donations to Carlos Ghosn.

SCANDAL over NISSAN knew of the donations to Carlos Ghosn.


In the scandal over illegally used company funds from Nissan, testimonies raise doubts about the roles of perpetrators and victims. According to an insider, the carmaker knew of the donations to Carlos Ghosn.

According to an insider, Nissan’s audit firm has repeatedly questioned payments to former detained boss Carlos Ghosn. The Japanese subsidiary of Ernst & Young, EY ShinNihon, several times five years ago, the management of the Japanese carmaker on purchases of luxury homes abroad for private use of Ghosn, as well as the stock rights granted him attention. However, Nissan emphasized that both the transactions and the accounting were in order, the person familiar with the transaction said on Wednesday.

Nissan had previously stressed in the scandal, the allegedly false information went solely to the account of Ghosn and another manager. Neither Nissan nor a spokesman for the audit company wanted to comment on this.

Ghosn was arrested on 19 November in Japan. According to a research report by Nissan, the 64-year-old car manager allegedly embezzled corporate money for private purposes for many years and reported his income by about half to low.

According to media reports, Ghosn denies the allegations. Both Nissan and Japanese partner Mitsubishi have since released the imprisoned Renault boss as chairman of the board. Ghosn once forged the Franco-Japanese Auto Alliance, which offers the world’s leading manufacturers Volkswagen and Toyota Paroli.