Start America Puma survives highway crossings – and dies after forest fire

Puma survives highway crossings – and dies after forest fire

skeeze / Pixabay

A Puma that has crossed 40 dangerous highways 40 times at Los Angeles with the help of a channel passage has died after the severe forest fires in California.

The carcass of the approximately four-year-old animal was found with charred feet, said the US National Park Administration. The male mountain lion had a GPS collar and could therefore be observed.

According to the records, he had used a storm channel to intersect the busy roads and was therefore known in the region as „Culvert Cat“ (about: „channel cat“).

The California Department of Fisheries and Wildlife will investigate the carcass, according to the National Park Service announcement. „It is very unfortunate that he apparently was able to survive so successfully in this fragmented landscape and then die following a devastating forest fire,“ said National Park biologist Jeff Sikich.

„P-64,“ as the animal is known by official records, is one of eleven pumas in the area wearing a GPS collar. Nine have survived the severe forest fires. A very young male „P-74“ died several days ago probably because of the fires. The „Culvert Cat“ had at least four daughters, who were born in May, according to assumptions of the park administration.