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Prince Charles turns 70


Prince Charles is celebrating his 70th birthday today. The threefold grandfather is the eldest son of reigning Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. He is number one in the British throne. Charles belongs on the mother’s side to the house Windsor and on the father’s side the house Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg, a branch line of the house Oldenburg.

Prince Charles is the father of Prince William and Prince Harry and the grandfather of George, Charlotte and Louis. At the time of the death of his ex-wife Princess Diana in 1997, he enjoyed far less popularity than today. The reason for this was the relationship with his long-time lover Camilla. Prince Charles is married to her today.

Use for environmental and climate protection

But it seems that long ago grass has grown. Many Britons and Britons pay tribute to Prince Charles, because he is committed to green agriculture and climate protection. He even grows his own organic vegetables. The heir to the throne is also considered a friend of architecture and likes to paint watercolors.

He also campaigns for human rights. „He is not a fair weather prince,“ described the ARD Royal expert Rolf Seelmann-Eggebert once the heir to the throne. But in politics Prince Charles is not allowed to interfere. He wanted to heed later as King, he said in a BBC documentary for his birthday.